Friday, January 13, 2012

NSWC Club Supporters

War and Peace Games
War and Peace Games can be
contacted on 02-4353-4043 great
discounts for NSWC members. Attends many wargames events and competitions.

Essex Miniatures
Essex Miniatures Australia,
Tel: (612) 9477 6696
Fax: (612) 9477 2664
Attends many wargames events and competitions.

Mick's Metal Models
Mick attends many wargames events and competitions.

NSWC Membership Cost

We now have a pay as you go system.
Only the players/members that are at the meeting on the day (playing) pay an amount of $5-$20 (depends on the number of gamers there for the day)
So with no annual fee if you do not make it for a game day/days you have not paid for meetings you were not able to attend.

We have had an increase in the number of members since we moved to Rydalmere which is good news.

NSWC Contacts

El Presidente:
Mr. Lawrence Mack  

The Secretary and Treasurer:
Mr. Geoff Kirby

The Editor:
Jason Bury

Former Treasurer (now in Melbourne) :
Mr. Thoran Braune

NSWC Meeting Location

Club Meeting Place

Membership Fees & Club Supporters
Normally the club meets are on the second Sunday of each month. See Page 1 for the dates.

The club now meets at the Old Church, within the St Marys Primary School grounds at Rydelmere on
Myrtle Street.  Turn from Park Rd (runs off of Victoria Rd and Kissing Point Rd) into Pine Street and then left into Myrtle, the gate entrance is on the left.   The Rydelmere Catholic Church is on one corner of Pine & Myrtle the school is on the other.

We meet from 9.30am to 5pm (4-4.30pm start to pack up).

Always check this site, on Page 1, for changes to meeting dates.

The club fees are costed to cover the hall rental for all meetings.

We feel that players should have as many opportunities as possible to game in their choosen hobby.